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Inako Scenic View Cafe Restaurant 清境伊拿谷景觀咖啡餐廳 (Taiwan, Nantou Country)

Roasted Chicken (Earthen Jar Chicken) 現烤甕缸雞 560 TWD (S$24.50)
Inako Scenic View Cafe Restaurant is an alfresco dining restaurant perched over a mountainous deep valley in Cingjing. 
This restaurant is well-known among Taiwanese for its food and scenery. It has been featured by their local magazines and visited by Taiwanese celebrities.  
This is the magnificent view from the dining area. It is beautiful and the air is so fresh. Coupled with the cooling weather, it is a perfect place to enjoy our food during the afternoon.
Set Menu
We ordered the Set Menu for 5 persons at 1200 TWD (S$52.40). It consisted of Steamed Live Trout 清蒸中段活鱒魚, Stirred Fried Mountain Vegetables with Mountain Pork Meat 山菜炒山豬肉, Crystal Shrimp 碧湖水晶蝦, Stirred Fried Chicken Soup Bamboo Shoot 雞湯滷桂竹筍, Highland Cabbage 高山高麗菜, Live Trout Head and Tail Soup 活鱒魚頭尾湯 and Steamed Rice.

We also ordered their signature Roasted Chicken (Earthen Jar Chicken) 現烤甕缸雞560 TWD (S$24.50). This is dish and the Steamed Live Trout 清蒸中段活鱒魚 are their signature dishes \.

Do note that, I have literally translated the Chinese characters to English Language. Hence, the dishes may sound weird in English Language.
The signature Roasted Chicken (Earthen Jar Chicken) 現烤甕缸雞 is a very famous dish here and this is a must try at the restaurant. The chickens are marinated and then cooked in huge earthen jar placed outside the restaurant. The chickens are hooked up-right and cooked (roasted).  The essence and fats from the chicken is then collected at the bottom. Each earthen jar can cook four chickens at any point in time. Every now and then, a staff will take out each chicken from the jar and spray them with a layer of oil before putting back to roast, resulting in the crisp skin and tender meat.  
Roasted Chicken (Earthen Jar Chicken) 現烤甕缸雞 560 TWD (S$24.50)
The signature Roasted Chicken (Earthen Jar Chicken) 現烤甕缸雞 560 TWD (S$24.50) was served with dipping sauce (i.e. chilli and salt) and interesting a pair of cotton knitted work gloves and plastic gloves! Just like what you see in the above photo.

The chicken was so tender that it was easily torn into smaller pieces by hand. Hence, gloves were provided. The chicken skin was crispy and there were no fats in between as the fats had all been roasted. The interior meat was juicy and tender, not dry at all. Taste wise, it was just nice and there was no need for me to use the dipping sauce. A must try
Highland Cabbage 高山高麗菜
These cabbage from the Highland Cabbage 高山高麗菜 dish were grown and harvested from the mountains. Although it was well cooked and the cabbage was sweet and crunchy, it was just an ordinary dish. 
Stirred Fried Chicken Soup Bamboo Shoot  雞湯滷桂竹筍
The Stirred Fried Chicken Soup Bamboo Shoot 雞湯滷桂竹筍 is another must try.This dish was well executed. They were so fresh and crunchy with a sweet taste. Not hard at all and taste so different from the ones you eat or can buy in Singapore. 
Crystal Shrimp 碧湖水晶蝦
The Crystal Shrimp 碧湖水晶蝦 was a very addictive dish. The shrimps were deep fried with their shells still intact and were lightly seasoned with pepper, salt and chilli. They were so well deep fried that the shells were so crisp and crunchy which the interior meat was soft and sweet. Perfect with plain rice (white steamed rice).
Stirred Fried Mountain Vegetables with Mountain Pork Meat 山菜炒山豬肉
The vegetables and pig used in this dish (i.e. Stirred Fried Mountain Vegetables with Mountain Pork Meat 山菜炒山豬肉) were grown from the mountains. They were very generous with the pork meat.
Steamed Live Trout 清蒸中段活鱒魚
This is another signature dish - Steamed Live Trout 清蒸中段活鱒魚. The trout fish was taken freshly from the fish tank. Its head and tail were removed leaving just the body. The fish was then cooked with shredded ginger, chili and garlic mixed with little soy sauce till it was 50% cooked. It would then be served to customers.  The staff would then advise the customers to wait 10 minutes as the fish would continue cooking. By then the fish would be perfectly cooked. 
Steamed Live Trout 清蒸中段活鱒魚
The trout fish had a lot of bones in it. Even for someone like me who is used to eating fish, I was extremely careful when eating this dish. I did not find this fantastic. 
Live Trout Head and Tail Soup 活鱒魚頭尾湯
As for the head and tail of the trout fish, they were not wasted. They were used to cook the Live Trout Head and Tail Soup 活鱒魚頭尾湯 together with ingredients such as mushroom and carrot.
Live Trout Head and Tail Soup 活鱒魚頭尾湯
The soup was lightly flavoured.
Look at the number of Trout Fish in the fish tank. Interestingly, they were all perceptually swimming in a particular direction. 

Inako Scenic View Cafe Restaurant 清境伊拿谷景觀咖啡餐廳(Taiwan, Nantou Country)
No. 25-1, Rénhé Rd, Renai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 546
Tel: 049 280 3710
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 9pm

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Starbucks: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cakes and Cookies (till 26 Nov 2015)

Starbucks: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cakes and Cookies (till 26 Nov 2015)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Raspberry White Chocolate Brulee Cheesecake on 23rd Nov, Lemon Curd Cake on 24th Nov, Cookie Crumble Cheesecake on 25th Nov and Pistachio Cookies on 26th Nov.

- Valid till 26th Nov 2015
- While stocks last

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Teochew Fish Ball Noodles (Wiseng Food Place)

Fishballs Noodle $3
This Teochew Fish Ball Noodles stall located at Wiseng Food Place coffee shop tucked away at a corner of Crawford Lane is a hidden gem. Although it is located a couple of blocks away from more well known Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, this stall has its own group of loyal followers too. 
Teochew Fish Ball Noodles is manned by an elderly man with more than 50 years of experience. He first operated the stall at Selegie Road before moving to Kitchener complex and subsequently to its current location at Crawford Lane. Each time, his followers will follow him to his new location.
During lunch time, the waiting time would be around 20 to 30 minutes long. The fishball noodles now cost between $3 to $4, compared to $2.50 to $3 previously. 
Fishballs Noodle $3
This is the dry version of the Fishballs Noodles (mee pok) $3 with chilli.
Fishballs Noodle $3
It is served with sliced fishcakes, fishballs, meatball, minced meat, lean meat and topped with pork lard bits, fried garlic and sliced spring onions. I love this bowl of noodles as it is a simple no frills fishball noodles with fresh ingredients. I just cannot fault the ingredients or the taste of it. It is so simple yet so delicious. I also love the yummy well balance mixture of sauce which consisted of chilli, chilli oil and vinegar. The chilli used is different from those else where. 

Teochew Fish Ball Noodles (Wiseng Food Place)
#01-29 Wiseng Food Place
Block 462 Crawford Lane
Singapore 190462
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat from 8am to 3pm

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