Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ah Balling Peanut Soup 花生汤圆 (Golden Mile Food Centre)

4 Glutinous Rice Balls for $1.70
If you are a fan of glutinous rice balls and peanut soup, you would probably have heard of Ah Balling Peanut Soup 花生汤圆
Whenever I visit Golden Mile Food Centre, I would drop by Ah Balling Peanut Soup for dessert. After all, this was the place where I was first introduced to this stall. Recently, I heard that there are Ah Balling Peanut Soup outlets in Chinatown, Bedok 85, Nex and Ghim Moh. Not sure how true, but it is (would be) great if there are other outlets elsewhere too!

This stall sells glutinous rice balls (tang yuan) with different savoury fillings (i.e. peanut, sesame, red bean, yam and green tea). They rice balls are served in either peanut or ginger soup. My personal favourite soup is the peanut soup! It is tasty and not overly sweet. The peanuts are cooked for so long till they are soft and all the flavour in it have been extracted! 
As for the rice ball, my favourite are the peanut and sesame versions. Each of rice balls are of similar size and are chewy. Be careful as the fillings would ooze out. The peanut and sesame fillings would provide a crunchy bite giving it a good contrast to the soft rice balls. Yummy!
Red bean
As for the yam and red bean, the fillings are soft and there is no contrast in texture. I do not fancy these two flavours.

I have been here so many times for this dessert that I already lost count of the number of times I have been here. Hard to get sick of such dessert. Try this, don't give this a miss! 

Ah Balling Peanut Soup 花生汤圆 (Golden Mile Food Centre)
#01-75 Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583
Tel: +65 9760 5710

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Milkcow Singapore: Free Milkcow Ice Cream at Velocity at Novena (28 Mar 2015)

Source: Milkcow Singapore

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우: Free Milkcow Ice Cream (flavours M1-M5) at Velocity at Novena (28 Mar 2015)

- Valid on 28 Mar 2015 at 12pm at Velocity @ Novena
- Limited to the 1st 150 in queue

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles (Tekka Centre)

Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles is a prawn noodles stall located at Tekka Centre operated by a young hawker; Ruifang and her parents. Those who find the stall name familiar (or notice a familar face), it is because Ruifang's father used to operate a prawn noodle stall with the same name at Blk 91 Whampoa Drive Market.
It is heartening to know that this stall is operated by a family (team), just like the good old days. The turnover is pretty fast, so do not be surprised if there's no queue or the queue moves quickly during lunch hours. As the recipe was passed down by Rui Fang's grandfather, this is a old school style prawn noodles stall.
Only dry and wet versions of prawn noodles are available.
Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
I ordered the Prawn Noodles (dry) $3.
Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
Personally, I prefer their dry version compared to the soup version. The soup was rich and robust in flavour (not diluted), but there was just an aftertaste that did not resonate well with my taste buds. 
Prawn Noodles (dry) $3
The dry version came with bean sprouts, lean meat, prawns and noodles with chilli sambal and ketchup sauce, topped with fried shallots was delicious. Their sauce complemented really well with the noodles. In addition, even the little details such as fried shallots was excellent. The shallots were so crisp and fresh, love it! At $3 this is so value for money!

If you are a fan of this stall, you should follow their facebook page appended below. The page is frequently update on closures and when blue-tail Sua Lor prawns are available.

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles (Tekka Centre)
665 Buffalo Road 
#01-326 Tekka Centre 
Singapore 210665
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 640am - 1pm  
                          Tue to Fri 630am - 2pm (or till sold out)
                          Closed on Sat

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